Directed by | António Faria and Carolina Rodrigues


Wong Kei, a 25-year-old young man, has given up a stable job in order to pursue his dream with his camera, spending all his time to capture the precious city life. One day, he strolls around in a fish market, where he occasionally meets a fisherwoman. But it wasn’t until later he sees her again on the TV screen talking about her way of living that he feels truly inspired by her lifestyle. Determined to look for her, he begins a journey in which he will meet many old neighborhoods in Macau and learn from them the past and present of the fisherman industry, their everyday lives, and how the fisherman culture has contributed to present Macau. Dedicated to exploring this declining culture in this small city, “Time Travel” literally takes us on a trip in which we may understand the social significance of these common people that we might never have noticed before.

「過大海」──香港與澳門之間的船程,相信大多香港人都不感陌 生;然對於孕育著一代接一代澳門水上人的那一種海洋生活,你又知 道多少?在這套劇情與紀實影像交錯的小品裡,年輕的王奇為了尋 夢,放棄穩定的工作和收入,樂得當個城市漫遊者,以鏡頭捕捉潛 藏在大街小巷的生活軌跡。某天他遇上一位女魚販,彷彿受到她所形 容的出海生活所感召,毅然出發找尋她的海上蹤跡。在重訪的路上, 他從各式自小在澳門土生土長的街坊街里口中了解捕漁業的今與昔, 最後甚至跟隨漁民一同出海,竟成為他這個澳門陸上人的一次尋根之 旅......導演António Caetano Faria 和 Carolina Neves Rodrigues 藉 此作品呈現出正在式微的澳門捕漁行業,與觀眾分享漁民的生活點 滴,探討他們那種自給自足的純樸和喜樂,肯定此一古老行業的社會 意義,謹此獻給一眾藉藉無名的水上人家.